Helpful Hints and Do's & Don'ts

Do's: Be prepared. Planning, planning and planning. We cannot stress this enough. Plan well in advance if you are able to. Think about what it is you need to dispose of. Large items take up more space. Lots of small items make for heavier load. Where are you going to want the dumpster placed? Are there any low overhead wires or tree limbs? Make sure you actually have room for a dumpster. There are other options. Do you need to open the back door of the dumpster? If space is limited, will you have access to your garage door and or driveway? Make sure that where you would like to have your dumpster placed is a hard flat surface. If you are concerned about rain getting into the dumpster, take time to go purchase a plastic tarp that will fit over the dumpster and keep the weather out. This is very helpful. Make sure that payment arrangements have been made. We cannot deliver if the dumpster is not paid for. If you can, invite your friends and neighbors over to give you a hand loading the dumpster. Have a party or barbecue.This can be a great way to bring family and friends together for the day or weekend.

Please keep safety in mind while loading your dumpster.

Don'ts: Do not EVER overload your dumpster. Loading must be level with the sides of the dumpster. Do not place any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, chemicals, paints or liquids of any kind into the dumpster. There is a partial list in the terms and conditions section of this web site. Do not attempt to have a dumpster delivered that would involve our trucks driving on or across your lawn. We do not allow this. Only the dumpster itself may be placed on the lawn and will probably damage the lawn. We are not responsible for this damage if you insist on placing the dumpster there. Do not attempt to move the dumpster. If you need for some reason to move the dumpster, please call us and we will coordinate this for you properly.

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